IMG_4120 Rhoda Yaa Assah Manu: The Beginning of the End, Reunion Island – December 2019

Bright red balls of sweetness have started growing from the thick branches. Everywhere you go there are fruits everyone is munching on. It’s lychees! Its summer and Lychees are in season! The first time I tasted a lychee was at the university, my friend just casually had it as a

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79B42064-DF8B-4FCC-905F-896B85877BE3 Réunion lé la ! Réunion is Here!

Réunion lé la! Réunion is here! For those who are unaware that was Réunionais Creole. Apart from French, Réunion Island also has another language spoken throughout the Island which one calls Creole. Creole has a proximity to French, and one can find different versions of Creole spoken in the Antilles,

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786ef009-6bd2-4708-b0dd-c48e6360298f Rhoda Yaa Assah Manu, Reunion Island, Saint-Denis – September 2019

Bienvenue à l’île de La Réunion! Ce pays est incroyable, merveilleux en fait. Au moment où j’écris, cela fait exactement un mois que je suis arrivée à Saint Denis, la capitale et plusieurs choses se sont passées depuis tout ce temps! J’ai habité toute ma vie à Londres et on

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