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Learning is fun

Yesterday I was reading Urdu literature. These books were for children. How I wish I could read more difficult books than these!   With time I will be able to understand these books.

Posted on June 19, 2013Edward Mortimer

Pakistani food is much spicier than the English food I like qorma, bhunna ghosht (meat) with naan and my favourite prepared foods are vegetables, chicken and rice. You’re not to drink water here because it upsets your stomach! Luckily, I can buy bottled water. Edward Mortimer, January 2013

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Report on Burma – Amy Doffegnies

I have been working on a report for a development project of Eastern Burma with colleagues. The report identifies the complete picture of the experiences of the local residents in Karen State, Burma, in previous years according to research conducted by researchers. The report also includes the consequences, suffered by

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Hot and spicy in Pakistan!

Here in Pakistan I never get cold, actually today I am feeling a bit hot! That’s why I am drinking very clean water and eating fresh food. After every meal I wash my hands, because being healthy in this country is very important. Edward Mortimer

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Picture of a red temple
My Scholarship in Pakistan

To this day I have never seen so many people. Karachi choked and spluttered under the weight of her traffic, pandemonium personified. Men, women and children (but mostly men) from all walks of life thronged the dusty streets, buying, selling, drinking chai; trade seemed to be happening everywhere I looked.

Posted on June 11, 2013Edward Mortimer
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