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The John Speak Languages Scholarship can provide you with complementary funding to assist you to travel overseas to study a language.

Mastering one or several languages provides enjoyment and a wider understanding of the world in which we live.  In addition, language speakers are in demand by employers.  By applying for a John Speak Language Scholarship, you are stating that you would like to use your mastery of languages in a manner that will benefit the UK economy.

The John Speak Languages Trust was set up in 1924 when a Bradford visionary left significant funds for the purpose of helping students to improve their language skills in order to support the export trade of UK goods and services. This visionary was John Speak, a leading figure in the Yorkshire textile industry.

John Speak anonymously donated these funds to the Bradford Chamber of Commerce as he recognized that whilst English is a widely-used language, long-lasting and strong commercial relationships are more often born by genuinely understanding other languages and cultures.

The trust has funded many scholarships to countries such as wide-reaching as Argentina, Spain, Italy, Japan, China, France, Germany and Burma to name but a few.

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Successful applicants will benefit from an average award of £1,870 each. Scholarships last between three and twelve months and can be tailored to individual circumstances.

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