Case Study: Lucy Cooper, Le Mans, France 2022

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As part of my undergraduate degree in French and Spanish, I have spent the last six months working in Le Mans, France in order to improve my French language skills. During this time, I have taught English to ages 7-24, allowing me to gain a real insight into the French education system across all ages and abilities.

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Despite catching Covid-19 towards the end of January, I have had a fantastic time in France and my language skills have improved massively. I now dream in French! I have been able to visit many areas and monuments of France, such as Versailles, Brittany and many Châteaux in the Loire region of France. I’ve also been able to experience many of the culinary delights that the country has to offer. A highlight was appearing on the news on TF1 (the main TV channel in France) after watching a newly released film at the cinema!

I’m very grateful for the financial support of the John Speak Trust as it has allowed me to fully make the most of my time in France. I’ve been able to visit different regions (such as Brittany) and experience many cultural aspects of the country. Not only my language skills have improved, but my confidence too.

It’s fair to say that I’ve broadened my horizons from this experience, and I am extremely thankful for it. I hope to use my language skills to go into international business, hopefully with an international focus so that I can make the most of what I have learned during this experience!

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