wool textile New Scholarship opportunity for wool/textile industry language student

An opportunity has arisen for the John Speak Language Trust to offer a language Scholarship to one lucky student.  To apply for this scholarship you must be studying textiles/fashion design with direct connections to the UK wool industry. Are you/do you employ/do you teach a British-born citizen currently learning another

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john-speak-icon Welcome to John Speak Language Trust

Hello. Hola. Bonjour. Hallo. Ciao. Learn language and business skills with our student scholarships. Whether you are interested in applying for a language grant, considering making a charitable donation or just browsing to see how our scholars are progressing, we hope you enjoy our website. Please contact us for further

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A big thank you to our translators

We would like to thank One Global and Web-Translations for their help and assistance over recent months in providing the Trust with excellent translation services. Both these companies have assisted the John Speak Trust on numerous occasions with the translation of our language students monthly reports. One Global – helping

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Hiking in Alishan Cosmo de Bono: A Trip to the Alishan Mountains – March 2024

阿里山之旅: 我來台灣已經七個月了,雖然感覺沒那麼長。現在是國語中心的春季學期,我的語言學習進步順利。 現在是三月,我決定去台灣南部的阿里山玩玩兒幾天。阿里山是台灣有名的自然風景區,茶葉和櫻花。 不過,從台北到阿里山並不簡單。我需要從台北坐高鐵到嘉義市一個在與南部的城市。從嘉義出發以後,我又坐了阿里山森林鐵路,但是這個鐵路不到阿里山。坐完火車以後,還要坐一個小時的車才能到阿里山。雖然旅程非常長,但是火車上的景色太好了,而且還能穿越森林。 阿里山有幾個道步。第一天,我散步上了阿里山的最高點-大塔山頂(海拔 2,666 公尺)。道步旅行很美,但是有很多台階… 在阿里山的隔天,我早上 5 點起床,坐日出小火車了。這輛火車會到高山上的一個觀景點,然後你就可以觀賞日出了。然而,我去的時候是陰天,但日出的景色依然很美。然後散步下山,大約 90 分鐘。 一般來說,每年的 3 月和 4 月是遊覽阿里山的最佳時節,因為這時候可以看到櫻花。我去的時候其實是櫻花盛開的季節,所以大部分樹都開了花,但花還沒完全綻放。 阿里山最吸引我的地方是它的環境。我過去不認為台北是一個繁忙或緊張的城市,事實上,我還認為跟歐洲城市比,台北真的很平靜,但台灣南部更平靜。我現在明白為什麼台灣南部的人會開玩笑說台北人總是「匆匆忙忙」的了! 我計劃不久以後去高雄旅行,我非常期待這次旅行。 感謝您們閱讀我的報告,希望您們喜歡這些照片!   English Translation: A Trip to Alishan: I’ve been in Taiwan for seven months now, although it doesn’t feel that long. It’s now the spring term at the language centre

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