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Do you have a basic knowledge of a foreign language (Minimum GCSE / A level)? Do you want to work in the export trade or related service industry? Would you like to spend time abroad, studying the language, learning the customs and gaining valuable experience to help you with your

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john-speak-icon Welcome to John Speak Language Trust

Hello. Hola. Bonjour. Hallo. Ciao. Learn language and business skills with our student scholarships. Whether you are interested in applying for a language grant, considering making a charitable donation or just browsing to see how our scholars are progressing, we hope you enjoy our website. Please contact us for further

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A big thank you to our translators

We would like to thank One Global and thebigword for their help and assistance over recent months in providing the Trust with excellent translation services. Both these companies have assisted the John Speak Trust on numerous occasions with the translation of our language students monthly reports. One Global – helping

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wool textile New Scholarship opportunity for textile industry language student

An opportunity has arisen for the John Speak Language Trust to offer a language Scholarship to one lucky language student. Are you/do you employ/do you teach a British-born citizen currently learning another language? Would you/your colleague like the opportunity to study abroad? Have a desire to work in the export

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玉流馆饭馆: Sandy Alexandre Perkins – Beijing, China, June 2020

我上个月去了北京的一家朝鲜饭馆。这家饭馆在望京,叫玉流馆。因为欧洲没有朝鲜饭馆,所以我去玉流馆之前没吃过朝鲜料理,因此我听说北京有一家朝鲜饭馆以后就决定一定要去那儿尝一尝炒咸菜。其实,我想去玉流馆不只是因为想尝尝朝鲜料理,而是因为我对朝鲜这个国家很好奇。朝鲜是个很神秘的国家,平时只能靠看新闻报道的猜测来了解这个国家的情况,连一个朝鲜人我都没遇到过,所以我以为去一个朝鲜饭馆是个很好的机会来了解一下朝鲜的文化。 周六晚上我跟一些朋友到了玉流馆。玉流馆是一个比较大的餐厅,里面的装饰比较豪华,在那儿吃饭让我感到一种仪式感。我的朋友说玉流馆有点像一家中国八九十年代的人民饭店这样的地方。所有的服务员都是朝鲜人,但是他们的中文说得相当流利,水平比我好多了。我们吃得料理跟韩国料理很类似,有很多海鲜和各种各样的泡菜。说实话我也不太了解韩国菜,所以不好说朝鲜和韩国菜的区别。不过顾名思义,平壤冷面肯定是朝鲜的一道地道菜,而且平壤冷面很好吃。 在玉流馆的一边有一个舞台。我听说在玉流馆平常可以看一些传统的朝鲜舞蹈或者表演。可惜的是,因为疫情的缘故,玉流馆暂时停止了演出,所以我们没有看到一场演出。话又说回来,我们在玉流馆里吃得很满足,而且体验了一下朝鲜的气氛,所以是个很好的经历。 A North Korean Experience in Beijing Last month I visited a North Korean Restaurant in Beijing. The restaurant is located in Beijing’s Wangjing district, its called Yuliuguan. As far as I know the UK doesn’t have a North Korean restaurant, so I had never had the chance

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IMG_20190905_113315546 Jonathan Ferguson, China – Reflections on this year – July 2020

  毫無疑問,今年的一個極大亮點是去旅行的機會。從摩登,國際化的上海和有豐富歷史的洛陽到得天獨厚的雲南和以西湖著稱於世的杭州,我去了很多難忘的地方。讓我印象最深刻的地方是舉世聞名的張家界。看見在張家界取景的《阿凡達》之後,決定想去親眼觀賞那裡獨一無二的風景。在我看來,張家界猶如夢中仙境,真是人間天堂。 A big highlight of this year has undoubtedly been the chances to go traveling. From modern, international shanghai to Luoyang with its rich history, from Yunnan which has been blessed by nature to Hangzhou which has been made so famous due to its West Lake, I have been

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Olivia Pettitt: La pena de ser una madre en espana / The Child Penalty in Spain – July 2020

Como casi todos los países del mundo, las mujeres en España no están libres de la desigualdad de género, especialmente en el mundo laboral. Esta semana, el Banco de España ha publicado un informe sobre la pena infantil en España, que revela los efectos económicos que tiene tener hijos en

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