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Ин достон аст дар бораи чи хел аз Ноҳияҳои Тобеии Ҷумҳурӣ ба Ҷумҳурии Қароқалпоқстон сафар кардам. Бале ин ду ҷо ҳақиқиянд! Ноҳияҳои Тобеии Ҷумҳурӣ номи тарснок аст барои вилояти Тоҷикистон ки зиндагӣ карда истодаам. Баъд аз ду бор мошинамон қариб мешикаст ва баъд аз чанд пиёлаи чой бо бибиҳои ӯзбеку

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jan 2 « Noël à Paris » : Phoebe Gittins, Paris, France, January 2020

Ce mois-ci, on a vécu une période des grèves sans précédentes et monumentales à Paris, même partout la France. Des milliers des personnes ont manifesté pendant le mois de décembre (et maintenant, de janvier), contre le projet de réforme des retraites. Ils ont annulé la majorité des transports publics à

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apply now APPLICATIONS are being accepted from 1 March – 24 April 2020

Do you have a basic knowledge of a foreign language (Minimum GCSE / A level)? Do you want to work in the export trade or related service industry? Would you like to spend time abroad, studying the language, learning the customs and gaining valuable experience to help you with your

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Political manifestations in Spain: Olivia Pettitt – Spain, January 2020

Apenas un par de semanas antes del 2020 y ya han comenzado las protestas en Madrid y en toda España. En Madrid, casi 4.000 personas marcharon el domingo en ‘defensa de la Constitución’. Las protestas fueron convocadas oficialmente por el grupo ‘España existe’ con el mensaje general de rechazar a

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A land of contrasts 一个充满反差的国家 – a land of contrasts: Jonathan Ferguson – China, January 2020

从上海的摩天大楼到黄山的山清水秀,从杭州风景如画的西湖到南京的热闹市中心,中国是一个充满反差的国家。上个月,我去了这四个截然不同的南方地方。这次旅途使我思考中国的一些反差。 From the modern skyscrapers of Shanghai to the the beautiful scenery of Huangshan, from Hangzhou’s lake which is as beautiful as a painting to Nanjing’s bustling city center, China is a country full of contrasts. Last month I went to 4 completely different places. This trip made me consider

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IMG_7201 在崇礼滑雪: Sandy Alexandre – China, January 2020

上个周末我去滑雪了。是我的室友邀请我跟他的朋友们去的。我们去了张家口的崇礼,一个会主办2022冬天奥运会的滑雪场。我们周五晚上坐大巴去了崇礼。我们大概半夜到了,紧接着拿了我们组的滑雪衣服和设备,然后去酒店睡觉了。 周六早上七点我们吃了早饭,然后开始了我们滑雪的第一天。因为我上个周末以前只去滑过一次雪,而且那是十多年前,所以第一天我跟我女朋友先去了初级道练一练怎么滑雪。大概半天以后,我居然差不多都记得怎么滑雪,所以我去了跟我室友和他的朋友们滑。那个下午非常好玩儿,我们滑得很开心。晚上的时候我们大概二十的人都去了饭馆吃晚饭。我室友的朋友们都对我很热情,让我觉得很高兴认识他们,也给了我一个很好的机会说中文。 周日早上,我们又七点吃了早餐然后去滑雪了。那天我和一些人滑了各各高级道。滑完雪的时候我们差不都把崇礼的高级道都滑过了。滑完雪以后,我觉得非常累,尤其是因为我早上的时候摔了一个大跤,把我的头撞在地上了。不过当天我滑得特别开心,而且已经想在去崇礼滑雪。 Last weekend I went skiing. My housemate had invited me to go with his friends. We went to a place called Chongli by a city called Zhangjiakou, which will host some of the 2022 Winter Olympics. On Friday evening we took the bus to Chongli. At around

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