Cosmo de Bono: February in Taiwan (Feb 2024)



Rainy day in the Yangmingshan mountains

Rainy day in the Yangmingshan mountains







Yangmingshan cherry blossom
February has been a calm month in Taipei. Now that I’m very used to my new life in Taiwan, time is going by quickly. I’ve also started to explore smaller places in Taiwan as I’ve visited lots of the most famous destinations.

visiting the cherry blossom gardens of Yangmingshan National Park

visiting the cherry blossom gardens of Yangmingshan National Park

Two weeks ago I visited Yangmingshan national park. This is a mountainous area north of Taipei. Although it isn’t very far from the city, because of the mountains it takes 2 hour by bus to get there. The weather wasn’t amazing on the day I visited but it was still worth a visit. The first place we went to was an old cattle farm. I couldn’t see any cows because of the fog but according to the farmer they were there! The scenery was very green and beautiful. It was lovely to be outside the city and in the countryside.

The next place I visited was the former holiday residence of Chiang Kaishek. The interior of the residence is western in design. This is meant to reflect Chiang’s desire to be seen as more western and to appeal to foreign diplomats. The gardens of the residence were also beautiful although the building itself looks like a military compound.

The final destination on my trip were beautiful flower gardens in Yangminshan. There were lots of cherry blossom trees and other types of plants. Even though the weather wasn’t that good it was still really pretty! I’ve attached a photo of me near a stream by the flower gardens.

As I write this report I’m currently in the middle of the Chinese New Year holiday so I’m enjoying my time resting from studying. I’ll explain more about the celebrations in my next report!


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