Studio Ghibli: Samantha Fernades, June 2016 – Japan




This is only a part of the Ghibli Museum. It must have taken a long time to make it look like this!









A robot from the Ghibli film “Laputa” stands on the roof of the Museum.

Studio Ghibli is a Japanese animation company that has received many world famous prestigious awards. In the Studio Ghibli Museum, visitors can enjoy the exhibitions whilst going on a journey to experience Ghibli’s animation history until now.

Firstly, just by looking at the exterior of the museum, the outside appearance looks like something from a Ghibli anime movie itself, and its beauty was indescribable. Photography, or any other kind of media recording is banned within the museum, so I only have pictures of the outside of the building. The museum was overflowing with rare items that have not been exposed publicly, and my friend and I spent approximately 30 minutes being captured by just one of the exhibitions.

The one exhibition that I was most interested in was the Cat Bus, which is from one of my favourite Ghibli films “My Neighbor Totoro”. However, as only children could ride the cat bus, I had to keep control of myself!

On the roof of the museum is a garden, which has a very fascinating and cute atmosphere. As soon as I arrived on the roof, I saw a big robot that looked just like one of the real robots from the Ghibli film “Laputa”

At the last stage of our journey, my friend and I waited in a long queue and finally entered the museum’s café called the “Straw Hat Café”. All the food was influenced by the Ghibli films, which made it taste amazing!

Wherever you look and whatever you do, as soon as you enter the Ghibli Museum, you feel like you stepped into one of their films. As I am a big fan of Ghibli, I want to go again!

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