Andy Newton – Hakata, Japan – March 2016








About six months ago I wrote a report about volunteering in a film to help out a friend of a friend as they needed ‘a European’ who could speak English. Well it came out in cinemas yesterday and I planned to go and see it with a Japanese friend of mine. As it was the premiere, I thought it was going to be busy so I headed into Hakata to buy the tickets in advance.IMG_6038

I had about an hour to kill between buying the tickets and meeting my friend so I went and looked for something to eat. I walked around a few places but there were none open. I got a bit lost and somehow ended up in the part of Hakata famous for its houses of ill repute. I felt a bit grossed out to be honest. There were women in the windows and bouncers in black suits outside every one.

I soon left and met my friend, ordered a beer and went into the screening room. After about 30 minutes into the movie, I realised my scene was coming up and was so happy to see that I hadn’t been cut out. Unfortunately, the storyline was not all that great and wasn’t really my kind of film, although I am really happy to have played a part and be included in the final edition of the film. I really enjoyed the acting and I feel it’s just a shame the director didn’t have any more work for me throughout the year as I totally would have liked to continue it as a part-time job. I just hope the DVD comes out before I have to return home!

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