Charlotte McGarry: The importance of reading – China, April 2017



我笑的时候一直爱看书。妈妈经常叫我 “书呆子” - 我每秒每刻都在看书。但开始上高中,大学之后,我致力于读书的时间被学习占有了而且我很少为了享乐而看书。结果,我年初下定决心多看书 - 每个星期我最起码看完一本书。



但比去旅游更好的是,读书是免费的和到处都能做的。你不必请假,每天只要花几分钟读几个页 , 不少用武之地的知识会一步一步积累下来的。

最后,多读书会给你跟别人不少的共同点。 但你初次见面一个看完跟你一样的书喜欢上跟你一样的作家,你们之间已经有一种共鸣,比较容易把你拉近跟他的关系。这我的觉得是挺重要的。

综上所述,如果你要找一种既方便又有效新的业余爱好,我强烈推荐多读书。中国人没错:开卷 真的 有益!



Chinese has a phrase: ‘Reading enriches the mind’. The benefits of reading are preached all over the world, but only this year did I truly come to understand the significance of this wisdom.

As a child, I adored reading. My mum called me a “bookworm” – I spent every free minute with my head in a book. But since starting university, my time for reading was taken over by study, and I very rarely picked up a book for fun. As a result, I made a New Year’s Resolution to read more – at least one book a week for the whole year.

Fifteen weeks later – I can happily report that this was a very smart move. I have learnt so much, and truly think reading is one of the best hobbies to have. Here is why

Novels really are an insight into different worlds. Like traveling, reading allows you to see lots of different places and aspects of society, expanding your horizons and making you more tolerant.

But even better than traveling, reading is free, and can be done anywhere. You don’t have to take a holiday from school or work – all you need is a few minutes a day, and the benefits will come to you bit by bit.

Finally, reading a lot gives you lots in common with other people. When you meet someone who’s read and like the same books as you, a resonance between you is created, which makes it much easier to make close friends with them. I think this is really important.

So to sum up, if you’re looking for a new hobby that’s convenient as well as cheap, I strongly recommend you start reading. Chinese people are right – reading really does enrich the mind!


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