Travelling in China: Alexander Johnstone, November 2017

为了庆祝中华人民共和国的成立,每年的10月1日是中国的国庆节。政府制定每个人能放七天的假,所以这个假日也叫 “金周”. 那个星期安排的活动很多,很多人也趁着假期在国内和国内的地方去旅行。我跟我的同学一起考虑我们要去什么地方的时候,很多中国人警告我们中国所有的名胜古迹一定会太拥挤,所有的旅馆和火车票很久已经订满了,对一个西方人而言真受不了!因此,为了避免中国游客的群众,我们决定去一个避暑的目的地,那就是青岛。青岛与北京在很多方面截然不同. 比如说,青岛的气氛比较轻松,哪里的空气质量也比较好! 青岛也是一个沿海的城市,它在中国以山和海为著名。我们一到青岛就特别享受在海边呼吸新鲜的空气,看着当地人在户外做运动。这是一个在北京千万不会发生的一件事儿!




Travelling in China
In order to celebrate the founding of the People’s Republic of China, every year on October 1st marks China’s National Day. The government lets every person have 7 days of holiday, so this holiday is also called ‘Golden Week’. There are lots of activities organised for this week and lots of people make the most of the holiday to go travelling to places in China and abroad. When I was thinking about where to go travelling with my classmates, lots of Chinese people warned us that all the main tourist attractions in China would be too busy. Also, all the hotels and train tickets would be booked out ages in advance – it would be truly unbearable for a Westerner! So, in order to avoid the crowds of Chinese tourists, we decided to visit somewhere that is usually a summer destination – Qingdao. In many aspects, Beijing and Qingdao are completely different. For example, the atmosphere in Qingdao is a lot more relaxed and the air quality is better! Qingdao is also a coastal city and is famous throughout China for its sea and mountains. When we first arrived in Qingdao, we particularly enjoyed breathing the fresh air by the sea and watching locals exercising outside. This is something that people would never do in Beijing!
On our first day in Qingdao, we wandered around the old city and enjoyed the German style architecture of the city. Because Qingdao was a German colony between 1891 and 1949, the city has been greatly influenced by Germany. In the evening, we went to a restaurant to try out Qingdao’s famous seafood. On our second day we decided to go climb a mountain. When we climbed to the top we had a bird’s eye view of the city – the view was amazing!
After visiting Qingdao, we also went to climb Mount Tai. When you mention Mount Tai, it immediately makes people think of China’s ancient history.

This is because a lot of emperors climbed Mount Tai to make sacrifices to the gods. Therefore, nowadays lots of Chinese people feel that climbing Mount Tai is of great significance. The day we went to climb there were seas of people! When I returned to Beijing and shared my experience with my Chinese friends they weren’t surprised at all.

Overall, going travelling in China was an invaluable opportunity to speak with locals and practise my Chinese and get closer to Chinese culture.

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