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在上海的时候,我们过复活节。我再次觉得在中国过基督教的节日是有点奇怪的经验。不过,复活节在现代中国不太流行,跟圣诞节不同。复活节可能没有流行因为是不太商业化的节日:没有买很多礼物的复活节传统。还是,我和姐姐去上海大教堂的庆典。教堂非常漂亮 :外面和里面都非常华丽。两个地方让我吃惊:首先,众多中国人去听英文教堂服务。中文教堂服务当天早些时候被举行可是我认为太多中国人想去听中文的所以他们代替需要去英文的。我已经听到中国现在有全球最大基督徒人口之一的统计但是直到你看到中国教堂会众的时候,这个统计牵强附会。第二个可怪事件是外国教士。似乎中文和英文的教堂服务都被外国教士举办。由于中国很大基督徒人口,我吃惊因为我认为中国教堂大概有中国教士。




In the past couple of weeks, I have had the opportunity to travel around China with my sister. This was my sister’s first time in China so, as I was the tour guide, I was under pressure to give her a good impression of the country. We met in Guilin and travelled to Shanghai, Xi’an and Beijing. My sister brought a few British gifts for me, for    example a chocolate Easter egg. Unfortunately, my sister also took British weather with her: in Guilin, Shanghai and Beijing it rained for the majority of the time. Nonetheless, we still had a great time. Although the views from the top of the Shanghai World Financial Tower were a little obscured by clouds, the weather and scenery from the Great Wall was fantastic (look at the pictures below for the comparison). Ultimately my sister chose Beijing as her favourite city. Besides the weather, Beijing had the advantage of it being where I live. I was able to use my local knowledge to show my sister the city’s great restaurants and bars. I am gradually feeling more like a local.

April 6


In Shanghai, we celebrated Easter Sunday. It was again unusual to celebrate a Christian festival in China. However, unlike Christmas, Easter is not as popular in China today. This is possibly due to its less commercial nature as there is not a large tradition of buying numerous gifts at Easter time. Nonetheless, my sister and I went to a church service at a cathedral in Shanghai. The church was stunning, both the exterior and interior were very ornate and attractive. Two elements surprised me: firstly, the huge number of locals who attended the English language service. The Chinese service was earlier in the day but evidently too many locals wanted to attend so they joined the English service instead. I have heard the statistics saying that China now has one of the largest Christian populations in the world but it is hard to believe until you see the Chinese congregation yourself. The second surprising sight was the foreign clergy. It seemed that both services had been conducted by foreign clergy. I found this surprising as I thought that with a large domestic Christian population, Chinese churches would have Chinese clergy.
April 3

Summer has arrived in Beijing. The evidence is my sunburnt skin.

Although the weather is nice, using sun-cream can be a bit troublesome. It will encourage me to stay inside and do more work!


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