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When I arrived in Japan, I started to think about new foods I want to try and bearing this in mind, I started making plans for trying all kinds of foods. My new friends here often say that there is nobody who loves eating as much as I do. Luckily for me, from 19th November a festival called ‘Gaigosai’ was held at my University. ‘Gaigosai’ is a traditional foreign food festival which is run every year at TUFS. As first year students tend to take part in running the festival, I was unable to see my Japanese first year friends during the festival; they were working non-stop. On the other hand, I enjoyed visiting my Japanese friends at the stalls and trying the foreign food they cooked and sold themselves.

The variety of food stalls, including Tai, Korean, German, and Spanish food, surrounded the performance stage, making a circle shape with the stage at its centre. At Gaigosai, there were many performances, lots of alcohol and many people came to the festival, including people who do not study at TUFS. Additionally, all classes were cancelled for the festival period.

On the last day of the Gaigosai festival, my Japanese friends who worked at the Japanese food stall gave me a freshly made Japanese sweet called ‘Manjuu’ for free! This is a soft, bread-like substance which is filled with Japanese bean paste. Because the Manjuu was made by my Japanese friends, it was my favourite food out of everything I tried at the Gaigosai festival.

These days, I have been so busy that I have not had the chance to join a new society yet – let alone tidy my room! Because I like singing, I am considering joining an A cappella group. This month, with my new Japanese friends, I have been making plans to go sightseeing to many places such as Tokyo Skytree, among other places such as a Cat Café. I am really looking forward to it!


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