Reflections on my time in China: Charlotte McGarry, June 2017



综上所述:我留学的一年是个非常值得做的事情。我学会了很多, 也在不少方面发展了自己。我最喜欢的一部分就是去旅行。中国是个如此多样性的国家,我感到很幸运能趁着这个机会来尽可能多地在国内探索一下。我最美好的记忆之一是在浙江省跟我牛津剑桥同学们一起玩一玩 - 这不但让我看到一些很美的地方,也帮我跟新的朋友加强友谊。

与此相同,这一年的问题也不少。我们去年离开英国之前,比我们大一年的中文系班告诉了我们在中国留学的那一年一定会成为你人生中最棒的经验 ,但自己经历过之后我个人认为我们不能理所当然的认为所有人会有这样的反应。’最有趣的’一年才更接近实情!日常生活过的在中国和英国有不少根本性的不同,而有些人可能觉得在不少方面有点儿不舒服。打个例子:这里的空气污染真是个很大的问题。连住在英国算得上污染严重的城市也至少会多多少少受这里污染一些影响。

但如果你是在学习语言,我强烈推荐你在那个国家留学一些时间 ,这一定会帮你实现前进。谈到留学的时候:难度可能挺大,但成功率一定会更大。



My year abroad is already coming to an end. Within four days, I will be getting on a plane back to London. I can’t believe a whole year has passed by so quickly! As I look forward to the next chapter of my life, it seems like a suitable point to reflect on my time in China.

To sum up: it has been a fantastic experience. I have learnt so much and grown as a person in many ways. One of my favorite aspects of the year has been traveling. China is such a diverse country and I feel very fortunate to have made the most of the opportunity to explore it as much as I could. One of my favorite memories was having a great time in Zhejiang province with the Oxford and Cambridge students; not only did I get to see some beautiful cities, but my friendships with my university friends became much closer.

On the other hand, it has been a very difficult experience. Before we left England last year, the students in the year above said third year in China will definitely be the best year of your life – but after having been through it myself, I don’t think we should take this for granted as applying to everyone. Perhaps ‘most interesting’ year is closer to the truth! Life in China is very different to life in England, and there are many aspects which people may struggle with. To take an example, the air pollution really is a problem; even those who live in cities considered ‘polluted’ in England will be affected to at least some extent by the problem here.

Nevertheless, if you are studying languages, I highly recommend you do a year abroad – it’ll really help you make progress. Years abroad can be difficult, but the rewards will definitely outweigh the difficulties.

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