Mid-Autumn Festival: Oliver Sale, China – October 2018

Oct18 Tsinghua Old Gate




下午我发现一个附近的饭店吃饭了。我吃了麻婆豆腐, 好吃极了。我坐地铁回来清华大学然后我见面三个中国朋友。我跟你们练习我的汉语,还他们试着教我打麻将, 但是麻将太难,所以我倒反看了他们。他们给我一个月饼,味道好吃极了!中秋节中国人常常吃这个还有送礼。

Oct18 Summer Palace Bridge


***The Mid-Autumn Festival***

Monday 24th September was the mid-autumn festival. I did not have to go to class and workers get the day off. I got my bike and rode by myself for 15 minutes from Tsinghua University to the Summer Palace in North-West Beijing. I bought a student ticket there for ¥30 and entered.

Oct18 - Tsinghua Auditorium

The Summer Palace is 100 years old. It has many old buildings, a small hill and a large lake. On the north side of the lake is the Long Corridor, the most famous and pretty part of the Summer Palace. But there were so many tourists! Because the buildings were very busy and because the weather was sunny, I decided to take a walk by the lake side. The circumference of the lake is about six kilometres and I walked for 2 hours but there were few people. On the West side of the lake there are several pretty bridges and on the East side the very famous Bridge with Seventeen Arches.

In the afternoon I found a restaurant nearby and had lunch. I ate Mapo tofu, which was extremely good. I took the subway back to Tsinghua and met 3 Chinese friends. I practised Chinese with them and they tried to teach me how to play mah-jong, but it was too hard, so I watched them play. They gave me a mooncake which tasted delicious! At the mid-Autumn festival, Chinese people often eat these and give presents.


We then rode bicycles around the Tsinghua campus. We saw all the major sites such as the Old Gate, the main library, the Auditorium, the New Tsinghua Playhouse and the Main Building. Tsinghua and my English university in Oxford are different. Tsinghua is much bigger but Oxford is much older!

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