Christmas in Hong Kong: Samantha Fernandes, January 2016






12月30日に、寶蓮修道院という場所と釣りの村というところを観光するために、大嶼島に行った。香港の高いビルから、青海を通り過ぎ, 高い崖までケーブルカーに乗り、長い階段の上に座っている34メートルの大きさの天壇大仏が見えた。天壇大仏を観光する前に、釣りの村を船でライン下りをしたり、地域の人によってできたて本物の料理を食べてみたりした。お土産を買ったり、寶蓮修道院でお香を焚いたりした後で、夜の中にケーブルカーで帰った.





Christmas and Hong Kong

Christmas is not as widely celebrated in Japan as it is in England. It is usually a celebration for lovers. Whist it is very common for Japanese lovers to enjoy sharing a ‘romantic’ meal at KFC on Christmas day, I was stuck in a classroom for a Japanese written exam.

After promising our Hongkongese friend (whom I lived with during my first year at Leeds university) that we would visit her in Hong Kong during the Christmas holidays, on 26th December, I met up with 2 friends from Leeds University and together we travelled to Hong Kong. We were really grateful that our friend’s mum allowed us to stay in her flat, but it was a shame that we couldn’t speak Cantonese and she couldn’t speak much English.

12620837_939606539426020_997097441_oAs Joanna, our Hongkongese friend, previously explained to us, whilst there are many tourist attractions in Hong Kong; including the stunning buildings and pretty lights and shopping centres, the main attraction is the food. We planned every day around what we were going to have for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some of my favourite foods included Ice-Cream Toast, Cream buns and Dim sum.

On 30th December, we went to Lantau Island to visit the Po Lin Monastery and the fisherman village. After a long cable cart journey stretching from the tall sky scrapers, across blue waters to massive cliffs, we could see the giant 34 metre tall Tian Tan Buddha, sat at the top of an incredibly long staircase. Before visiting the Tian Tan Buddha, we took a boat tour around the fisherman village and bought authentic food, which was made by the locals who live there.  After a long day of souvenir shopping, burning incenses at the monastery and picture taking, we took the cable cart back through the darkness.

We were all sad to go our separate ways after Hong Kong, but my best friends and I have wonderful memories to keep forever.


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