China’s Urban Planning: Alexander Johnstone, China – January 2018


为了疏解北京现有的问题 – 比如堵车严重,地铁拥挤,供水紧缺 – 中国的政府打算在河北省设立新的大城市叫雄安。这个新区代表了中国城市发展的新模式。 习近平希望,在2030年之前,雄安能成为他的”中国梦”的象征之一。雄安的市政府会把可持续发展放在第一位:绿空间将占比70%以上,区森林覆盖率将达到40%以上。毫无疑问,中国总是与空气污染的问题和工业化联系起来,所以这样的绿色政策让我对中国的未来十分乐观。再者,中国政府希望雄安会成为中国的科技枢纽,比如雄安的市政府已经与百度商定了一个无人驾驶的项目,这证明了未来的中国城市会颇具特色。




After moving to China was the first time I started to pay attention to Chinese urban planning. The reason I have a deep interest in this topic is because I believe the structure of a city reflects a country’s political system and society, and it also influences the lifestyles and conditions of the city’s residents. In particular, in a country like China which has a massive population, the way the Chinese government designs the living environment for its residents is very important.
To alleviate the current problems of Beijing – such as extreme congestion, overcrowded subways and water shortages – the Chinese government is planning on building a new big city in Hebei Province called Xiong’an. This new district represents the new style of Chinese urban development. Xi Jinping hopes that before 2030, Xiong’an will become one of the emblems of his so-called ‘Chinese dream’. The city government of Xiong’an is making sustainable development one of its priorities: green spaces will make 70% of the city, and forests will cover up to over 40%. With no doubt, China is always associated with air pollution and industrialisation, so this type of green policy makes me feel very optimistic about China’s future. Moreover, the Chinese government hopes that Xiong’an will become the technology hub of China. For example, the city government of Xiong’an has already agreed with Baidu to run a driverless vehicle project, which shows that the China of the future will be very distinctive.
Although Beijing is an enormous city, going to different parts of the city is pretty convenient, as Beijing’s public transport system is very advanced. Also, you can find Beijing’s public bikes almost everywhere. Wherever you are, you can conveniently ride a bicycle to your next destination, which makes you feel very free. However, Beijing is still facing many different problems. In my opinion, the most significant problem is Beijing’s overpopulation. In the most recent 20 years, lots of people from the countryside have moved to Beijing to make a living.

If you ride the subway, you can clearly see that Beijing’s city government still has a long way to go before Beijing can truly become a wonderful city.

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