Internship with ASOBISYSTEM – Samantha Fernandes, Japan – February 2016


今月はアソビシステムという会社でインターンを始まった。この会社は、きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅを中心に、モデル・アルティスト・イベントなどを所有している会社である。アソビシステムは、MOSHI MOSHI NIPPONとHARAJUKU KAWAII!! STYLEというサイトも所有している。




私のインターンは、家で作業にすることがあるが、会社に行くの方が自分の日本語能力役に立ち、会社の好適な所在地が好きである。会社は原宿の有名なファッションのある「竹下通り」を歩いて行って、会社のMOSHI MOSHI BOXという観光者のため、MOSHI MOSHI NIPPONのファンのためのビルを過ごして、それから5分歩くと会社に着く。初めて行った時は、友だちと一緒に行き、会社員に会うのをとても緊張していた。








I started my internship with ASOBISYSTEM this month. This company owns and manages famous artists, models, events and much more. One of the most famous artists owned ASOBISYSTEM is Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. ASOBISYSTEM also owns the websites MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON and HARAJUKU KAWAII!! STYLE.

It was all thanks to one of my close friends, whom I had met at TUFS, that I got this internship because he works at the company as a translator for the websites. Before beginning the internship, the website manager of ASOBISYSTEM invited my friend and I to attend the Birthday performance of Kyary Pmayu Pamyu as guests! As a big fans of Kyary Pmayu Pamyu, even now we can’t believe it.

For my internship, I sometimes work from my dorm but I feel that going into the office to do work helps my Japanese more. Furthermore, to reach the company office, I walk down one of the most famous fashion and culture rich streets in Harajuku, Japan. From the end of this street, I pass MOSHI MOSHI BOX, which is a building for tourists and fans of MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON. From this building, ASOBISYSTEM’s office is just a short 5 minute walk away. I really enjoy the walk to work and the location of the office, which is another reason I prefer working in the office.

Guest tickets to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's live Birthday performance at ASOBINITE

Guest tickets to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s live Birthday performance at ASOBINITE

The first time I went to the office, I was really grateful that I could go with my friend who started working there long before I joined the company, but I was still really nervous to meet the company employee who would soon become my new boss.

I met the website manager for ASOBISYSTEM websites, Mizuno. After being accepted for the internship, she started me at work straight away; she gives me articles in Japanese and I translate them, post them onto the appropriate website then use the company’s twitter and Facebook accounts to announce the articles to the public. I always enjoy the articles that Mizuno gives me. Here are the links to two articles I have translated:

The articles I translate are not only about artists, but events held in Japan, shops, festivals and much more. Every single time I translate an article about an upcoming event, I always make plans to check out the event myself!

Whenever I see ASOBISYSTEM adverts around Japan or adverts online featuring ASOBISYSTEM models or artists, or even when I see events in real life after translating articles about them, I feel awesome!

Even though I don’t get paid for the articles I translate, if Mizuno asks me to translate articles even on my days off, I always accept them and enjoy them. When I get articles about my favourite popular bands such as Gesu no Kiwami Otome or Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, I feel like I am not only helping the company and the artists to find their fans, but also to help make the link between foreigners who are in Japan and their favourite Japanese idols.

Please follow the links below about ASOBISYSTEM and their websites to learn more about Japanese culture!

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