Trade in Fukuoka: Andy Newton, Japan – December 2015




輸入の総数は1.222十億円です。855十億円「70%」は博多港経由で来ました。そして、367十億円「30%」は福岡空港経由できました。恵贈によると、主要な英国からの輸入は医薬品(例えば、GSK)と化粧品(例えば、LUSH Cosmetics)と色々な自動車です。




As part of my course at Kyushu University, I am studying a module called ‘Introduction to Japanese Economy’, and last week we had a class trip to a presentation in Hakata hosted by the Fukuoka Chamber of Commerce and Industry about the general trade which takes place in Fukuoka Prefecture. I found the presentation very interesting and it gave me a good insight into some of Japan’s methods of trade and economic principles.

According to one of the councillors on the committee, Fukuoka City currently has the fifth-highest GDP in Japan. This year, Fukuoka’s largest trade sector is predicted to be service industry which makes up 34.5% of the GDP, followed by wholesale and retail trade which makes up 25.5% and transportation/telecommunications, which makes up 15.1% of Fukuoka City’s GDP. The remainder is made up of other goods and services such as the financial and construction industries.


Fukuoka has the highest level of business start-ups out of any prefecture in Japan with 4.1% of new businesses coming from Fukuoka, closely followed by Sapporo, Sendai and Yokohama. In terms of foreign trade, the total exports of Fukuoka Prefecture were worth a total of ¥2,168 billion. ¥1,637 billion (76%) was via Hakata Port and ¥531 billion (24%) via Fukuoka Airport. The total imports of Fukuoka Prefecture were ¥1,222 billion. ¥855 billion (70%) was via Hakata Port and ¥367 billion (30%) of this was via Fukuoka Airport. According to their presentation, the main imports from the UK to Fukuoka were pharmaceuticals, such as those from Glaxosmithkline, and cosmetics such as Lush Cosmetics, as well as some vehicle and car parts. In total, we will have three future excursions as part of the course, the next two should focus more about Japan’s economy as a whole, and I believe the final one will focus on local production of Kyushu, the southernmost island of Japan.

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