The weekend of ‘one belt, one road’: Gavin Vine – China, May 2017


这周末中国举行了‘一带一路’的论坛,世界上各地的元首都来北京参加。‘一带一路’是中国和别的国家合作发展和倡议的理念,通过这个理念中国政府旨在和别的国家创建密切的贸易关系。因为这个论坛很重要,所以这周末北京经历了一些变化。第一个变化是北京大部分的酒吧和夜店被警察关闭了,连一些便利店也关们了。对于警察为什这样做了,我也不太清楚。我觉得这样的情况很好得证明了关于在中国生活的一个事实 – 你偶尔会碰到无缘无故的变化。但是,另一个跟论坛相关的比较积极的变化是我们都有机会享受‘一带一路蓝’- 没有雾霾的蓝天。在北京住了一年后,我发现每当中国举行很重要的会议的时候,所有的空气污染都神奇地消失。现在我和朋友们都很期待中国的每一个大会议!

Enjoying the blue skies at Peking University

Enjoying the blue skies at Peking University


The weekend of the ‘One belt, one road’ forum

This weekend China hosted the ‘One belt, one road’ forum with world leaders from all around the world taking part in the event. ‘One belt, one road’ is the concept of China and other countries working together to develop trade and infrastructure. Through ‘One belt, one road’, China aims to establish strong trade connections with other countries. Due to the importance of the forum, Beijing experienced a few changes this weekend. The first change was that the police closed the majority of bars in the city, in addition to some convenience stores. As to why the police did this, I don’t really know. What bars and convenience stores have to do with the running of a world forum on trade and infrastructure is beyond me. I feel that this kind of situation represents a unique aspect of living in China – things will sometimes happen with no rhyme or reason. However, another more positive change due to ‘one belt, one road’, was that we all had the opportunity to enjoy ‘one belt, one road blue’. In other words, a day with blue skies and no pollution. Having lived in Beijing for a year, I’ve noticed that whenever China hosts an important conference, all the smog magically disappears. My friends and I now look forward to every big conference! On this weekend for instance, we took the opportunity to have a picnic at ‘No Name Lake’ in Peking University. We made sure to make the most of the fresh air before the smog rolled back in the next day.

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