Spring on Campus: Alexandra Boulton, China – April 2017


春天终于来了!北大的未名湖周边五颜六色的花都开了:粉红色的樱花,紫色的紫藤花每天都吸引不少师生出来拍照,吸引观光客来慢悠悠地逛校园,享受享受独一无二的风景。我下课的时候也忍不住模范逛校园的观光客。站在一棵樱树下面抬头往上看看美丽的花真的会给你带来一种很特别, 难忘的感觉。

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在大自然的方面,校园有不能否认的魅力。最有名的景点虽然是未名湖和周边的博雅塔,石舫和据说从圆明园搬来的石鱼, 但未名湖后面还有不可数的惊喜包括鱼池和小石乔。北大的一些系也位于北京传统的四合院。进了门,你会突然发现安安静静的院子好像离繁华的校园疏远。




Spring On Campus

Spring has finally arrived! Peking University’s multicoloured flowers have opened: pink cherry blossom and purple wisteria call students and teachers alike to come out and take pictures, and tourists to leisurely stroll around campus, enjoying the unbeatable scenery. When I get out of class, I can’t help copying the tourists who stroll campus. Standing under a great cherry tree and looking up at the beautiful flowers truly gives you a very special and unforgettable feeling.

The nature on campus is one of its undeniably attractions. Although the ‘Unnamed Lake’ and the surrounding Boya tower, stone boat and stone fish (said to be taken from the Old Summer Palace) are the most well known spots, there are many nice surprises to be found behind the lake, including fish ponds and stone bridges. Some departments at Peking University are even located in traditional Beijing courtyard houses. Once you enter their gates, you’ll suddenly find that their peaceful courtyards seem a world away from the bustling campus.

In winter, I become accustomed to seeing people gather on the frozen surface of the Unnamed Lake to go skating. I didn’t expect the atmosphere of the university’s in spring to be able to compete with winter’s. Nowadays, dusk is my favourite time of day: the weather is neither too hot nor too cold, and there are lots of people around. When the sun is about to set, I’ll go walking by myself or with friends, breathing in the spring air fragrant with blossoms. I’m now also looking forward to the delights of summer.



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