Samantha Fernandes – Japan, March 2016

: 蓮華チャンス!



撮影後、撮影中の着ていた衣袋がプレゼントとしてくれ、バンドメンバーに会わせた!バンドのメンバーの3人の中で、一人がプローレスラーの「ビアちゃん」ステージ名の通り、可愛い5歳の女の子のロールをする強そうオーストラリアの男の人、可愛い女の子の服を着て、撮影された。バンドメンバーの二人の女の人は18歳の金子 理江(かねこ りえ)と15歳の黒宮 れい(くろみや れい)である。二人の女の人は興行で色々な活動をしている、例えばモデルすると他のバンドで歌っている。




Renge chance!

Out of everything I have done so far in Japan, this must be the strangest. My friend, whom I met at University in Japan, is the translator for a band called LADYBABY. LADYBABY is a unique band, which aims to reach out to foreigners and introduce Japanese culture through their songs and provide enjoyment for all. For the music video for their new song ‘Renge Chance’ which was recently released, they required some female foreigners to dance in their video. My friend recommended two of my friends and I to his boss and our applications were accepted, despite my friends and I cannot dance! (Which was quite embarrassing but made it more of an enjoyable experience!)

We were given costumes to wear for the filming, and the instructions of what to do were all given in Japanese and demonstrated by another man who took part in the video. We weren’t given long to practice the dance, as we learnt it upon arrival at the filming studio and after a few hours, they took two shots of the 6 foreign female dancers in two groups of three. Despite doing a bad job, the person filming us said that we did a perfect job!

After the filming, we were allowed to keep the costumes we wore as a gift and had a chance to meet the band! The band consists of a pro-wrestler whose stage name is LADYBEARD. He is a strong-looking Australian man who plays the role of a little girl in the band and wears cute clothes. The other two members are called Rie and Rei and are 15 and 18 years old respectively. The girls also take part in other activities in the entertainment industry such as modeling and singing in other bands.

It was a great pleasure to be in LADYBABY’s new video and I look forward to seeing their new videos in the future!




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