Samantha Fernandes – Japan, April 2016


2016年4月16日(土)、大きい話題となっているカナブーンは、リリースのアルバム 『Origin』のためのワンバンドツアーが開始された!ワンバンドツアーの一つ目の会場は千葉である幕張メッセ国際展示場であり、ここは私がカナブーンの登場を楽しみしていた!



April report公演が少し遅く始めてしまったのに、カナブーンが登場したとたん、あっという間に、ファンのみんなから悲鳴が大きく出たり、みんなが一気でカナブーンの方になだれ込んだ!






April monthly report




On Saturday 16th April 2016、KANA-BOON, a band which is becoming a big subject in the media, started their one-band tour to celebrate the release of their new album “Origin”. The first venue of the world tour, which I attended, was Makuhari Messe international exhibition hall, which is located in Chiba prefecture.

KANA-BOON is a band that spreads happiness all over the world. They previously released a song called “Silhouette” as the theme song to an anime that is very popular overseas called “Naruto”. It was through this song that I first noticed the band.

On the day of the performance, it was announced that any filming or photography is prohibited. At the beginning of the performance, a massive balloon of a fat dog wearing a crown floated over the crowd and circled the performance hall once. The dog made its appearance to the crowd as the mascot figure and with this, the performance begun.

Wearing very smart clothing, KANA-BOON performed many of my favourite songs and many songs from their new album. The venue became very crowded and even though the performance started slightly past the scheduled time, as the band appeared on stage, the crowd instantly surged forward as one and screamed with excitement.

KANA-BOON played around 3-4 songs and then started talking to the fat mascot dog whose name was Ricchi and kept adding “wan” (woof) to the end of his sentences. I didn’t understand everything that was said during the conversations between the dog and the band but I still enjoyed the dog’s quizzes with the band members. The performance evening continued with a cycle of 3-4 songs performed by the band followed by a break to talk to the fat dog. This cycle continued for around 2-3 hours until the end of the performance.

Besides Ricchi, there were 3 (less important) other mascot dogs called Mimicchi, Monnashi and Karintsu. Everybody enjoyed the talks with the dog, laughed along, and bounced passionately to the music.

When the performance was about to end, the singer Maguro Taniguchi made a long and very moving speech to the fans telling them how grateful the band are for their support. KANA-BOON’s motivation does truly come from seeing the happy faces of their fans. It is also very clear that KANA-BOON considers every single individual fan to be very precious to them.

Before the encore, the band changed into simple and comfortable clothing. For me, seeing my favourite band live and right in front of my eyes is an experience that I will never forget. As much as I wanted the performance to last forever, it had to end.

At the same event, incredibly long queues formed where KANA-BOON goods were being sold. My friend and I bought KANA-BOON shirts and wristbands! I noticed a sign which said “Spend over ¥3, 000 and receive an Origin poster”.  Because I had been searching for a KANA-BOON poster for a long time, I bought two CDs and received the poster.

As KANA-BOON has many overseas fans, I would like to translate their websites to help them connect with their fans. I would also love for them to come touring to England — I would definitely go to support them!


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