Hana Lowry: The Summer Games round to a close… August 2021

It has been a very busy and, in many ways, fulfilling month. Last week, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics came to an end and so did my reporting stint that I had taken up for its duration. It was an incredibly unusual Olympics, for obvious reasons, and the controversy that surrounded it domestically make the circumstances even more fraught. As I was commuting between my home and the Main Press Centre near the Olympic venues, I was required to provide daily updates on my condition and undertake tests every few days. It was a frantic few weeks of reporting: researching, interviewing and writing up articles. Whilst a lot of people I knew were watching the opening ceremony on their TVs, I was camped outside the stadium in the rain trying to talk to the people gathered there hoping to get a glimpse of the spectator-less Olympics. I didn’t have time to process it all during the experience but now I have had a bit of time to reflect, I realise how much of a priceless opportunity it was to report on such a historic event, especially as someone who is interested in journalism.

IMG_8241Now that my summer holidays are in full swing, I will be looking ahead to my second year of my master’s in terms of my research preparation, looking to sharpen my language skills and also try to take some time to relax after a busy first year. On my first day off, I was able to catch an exhibition at Mori Art Museum that I had been eyeing up for sometime. As everything was bilingual in English and Japanese, it was an interesting way to look at how certain words and phrases had been translated into either language. As the exhibition focuses on female artists and is highly concerned with issues of gender and inequality, I was able to see how these conversations were rendered in Japanese for the attendees. I am hoping to catch some more exhibitions now I have a bit more free time on my hands.




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