Anam Rahman: A day at Shanghai Markets – China, July 2017






A day at Shanghai Markets

Last week I went to some famous Shanghai markets. I wanted to buy some things for my family and also practice my Chinese. I have learnt a lot of Chinese to negotiate prices. I absolutely loved arguing and negotiating with shop owners in Chinese. I felt very proud. 6 months ago, I could not speak Chinese, now I can.  Firstly, I went to Shanghai’s famous indoor market. Here you can buy almost anything that produced is in Shanghai. I found some silk scarves, which I thought my sister would like them. The owner was a very difficult woman. First, she told me 200 RMB for each scarf. Eventually I negotiated 2 scarves for 150 RMB. I asked her if she was happy, she said no I negotiated well. I thought I was very happy until I walked for 2 minutes and found another scarf shop. However, this shop owner told me I could have 5 silk scarfs for 150 RMB. These scarves were the same as the other shop owners. It was at this point I realised perhaps my negotiating is not as good as I thought… None the less without trying to negotiate I accepted her price because it was very cheap and bought another 5 more. I learnt a very important lesson. If you go shopping, never buy anything within the first hour.  Just keep looking and negotiating.  After you have been to several shops you can go back and buy the goods you want.



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