Alexandre Perkins: The first five weeks in Beijing – October 2019


Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China

五个星期前我到了北京,开始了一个新的生活。我是在北京航空航天大学学习中文,会在这里待十个月。我已经很喜欢北京这个城市的风格和气氛。 北京的历史很悠久,有很多有意思的地方能去看看。到处也有很多各种各样的饭馆,作为一个吃货这个事情让我很满意。我很喜欢北航的中文课程,老师们很认真、课程安排得很好, 同学们也很热情,而且北航的校园又美丽又安静。


除了中秋节以外,最近我们也刚刚度过了新中国成立七十年周年的国庆节。国庆节的时候待在北京让我意识到中国人对他们祖国的骄傲,到处有中国国旗以及合唱团唱《我和我的祖国》。因为国庆节我有一个星期假期,所以我和朋友们一起去了慕田峪长城, 然后我又去了天津观光,都很好玩儿。现在假期结束了,我在好好学习汉语。希望我能继续进步,然后下次博客可以写得更好。




It’s been 5 weeks since I arrived in Beijing and started a new adventure. I’m studying Chinese language at Beihang University in Beijing and I’ll be studying here for 11 months in total. I already really like the feel of the city. Beijing has a long history and there are many interesting places to visit. As a foodie, I’m also very happy to be surrounded by so many restaurants selling every type of Chinese food. The language course at Beihang is very good; the teachers are excellent, the course well organised and my classmates are very friendly. Beihang also has a beautiful and peaceful campus.

About a week after I arrived in Beijing, China celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival. During this festival it is customary to eat a special cake called mooncake. To celebrate the festival my girlfriend and I, in true Chinese style, went to Beihai park where we watched the moon and ate mooncake (and drank beer).

China also recently celebrated the 70th anniversary of the establishment of “new China” (i.e. the People’s Republic of China). Through being in Beijing during the festival I noticed the pride that Chinese people feel towards their country, with Chinese flags attached to shopfronts and vehicles all over Beijing and the sound of choirs singing “me and my country” floating across the city. Because of the festival I had a week’s holiday during which I visited the Great Wall of China and also went on a day out to Tianjin, both fun trips. Now the holiday has ended and I’m working hard on my Chinese. I hope I can continue to progress and write a better blog entry next time!

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